Venom Indoor Youth Flag Football

Don’t think I have been this excited about something in years….Sign up today! Amarillo Venom Football is offering for the third year, Venom Indoor Youth Flag League powered by Ama TechTel!

Dream BIG and PRAY harder things will happen!!! Bringing MORE FUN to the YOUTH!

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5 on 5 Rules & Regulations

Teams are responsible for their own team jerseys. Misconduct of spectators, players, coaches, or parents will result in an ejection from the game. The second time this happens the offender will be suspended from the league.

Game Rules and Team Requirements

$65/participant |VENOM TICKET/ GAME |$10 TICKET / GAME for FAMILY and FRIENDS

A team shall consist of no more than 10 players. A team must have at least 3 players to start a game and have to finish the game with those three players if other members from the team do not show up.

1. The game will be a forfeit if a team fails to show or if one team does not have enough players to play.

2. Each team will have a 5 minute grace period before the start of any game. If a team shows up late after the grace period the opposing team will be awarded 3 pts and the ball to start the game.

3. We will start each game on the 10 yard line.

4. We will use a 5 v 5 format.

5. All players are eligible

6. We will use the Kids Inc rushing string. It is backed up 7 yards. This will prevent using a MISSISSIPPI approach and the use of blitz. Every play there will be a rush. (THE QB CAN NOT RUN-unless it is the one rushing attempt per possession. OUTSIDE OF OPPONENTS 10 yard line)

7.There will be a first down mark at mid field.

8. If you do not get the first down in the 3 plays you can elect to go for it, or move the ball to the opponents 10 yard line.

9.There will be two 20 or 25 minute running halves (We will decide in the coming days based on # of teams and games that day) with a 5 minute halftime. The clock will not stop during the game unless you call time out. ONE PER HALF.

10. 30 seconds allowed in between plays.

11. You are allowed one rushing attempt per possession. (outside opponents 10 yard line and not on extra point)

12. You can go for 1 point on a conversion from the 3 yard line or 2 points from the 10 yard line. This MUST BE A PASS.

13. Players will be allowed to block as long as they keep their hands behind their backs.

14. There will be no kicking attempts or punts.

15. In the case of an overtime the game will be played out by possessions with each time alternating possessions at the opponents 20. You must go for 2 each possession until a winner is determined.

16. One player and the center must be on the line of scrimmage.

17. Any fumble and the play is dead. Players will NOT be able to: ***Flag guard ***Stiff arm ***Lower their shoulders in an attempt to run a player over


1. Players must wear basketball or training shoes on the field of play. There are NO FOOTBALL OR SOCCER CLEATS allowed on the field at any time.

2. No jean shorts, jeans, or shorts with belt loops are allowed. Players must wear athletic shorts and team jerseys to games.

3. No jewelry! Players may wear wristbands, gloves, or headbands.

4. All flags must be worn on the sides at all times. No double looping flags. (WILL BE PROVIDED)


1. Delay of game – 5 yards

2. Illegal snap – loss of down

3. False start – 5 yards

4. Illegal blitz – 5 yard and automatic first down

5. Illegal forward pass – 5 yard loss and loss of down

6. Intentional grounding – 5 yard loss and loss of down

7. Delaying the start of a half – 3pts awarded to opposing team

8. Offensive pass interference – loss of down

9. Defensive pass interference – five yard penalty and automatic first down

10. Unsportsmanlike – ejections first time, suspension from the league second time (Players, coaches, PARENTS)

11. Roughing the passer – 5 yard penalty and replay the down

12. Flag guarding – 5 yard loss from spot of foul