Press Release- HERO OF THE NIGHT

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Hero of the Night

Veteran Appreciation

Amarillo, TX – YOUR Amarillo Venom would like to show our appreciation for all our Veterans have done and do for our country. During the current 2018 season all Veterans who register online at get free season ticket vouchers to every one of our regular season home games.

To make this announcement even better, we have continued the tradition of Hero of the Night. The Hero of the Night is where YOUR Amarillo Venom along with Veteran Home Exteriors honors on a special man or woman who served our country with great valor. The Hero of the Night also gets 10 free tickets for their friends and family to share in this amazing experience. A special thanks to Veterans Home Exteriors for giving us the ability to make this honor happen. Go online and honor the Hero in your life at .

“It is super important that we honor the Heroes that made life in America possible. I have many family members who served in different branches of the military as well as we know everyone does, and we just want honor the people who should be honored. Salute the Hero in your life.” – Stephanie Tucker, Owner.

For further questions regarding the Venom, please contact our office at 806-350-7277.

The AMARILLO VENOM is a proud member of Champions Indoor Football League.