Another Pro Sport coming to Amarillo with Local Support

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

Amarillo, TX – The Amarillo Venom is proud to announce their partnership with the United Wrestling Network to bring professional wrestling back to the Amarillo area. Going into the 9th year of local ownership, the Venom promises to continue to bring fun family entertainment to the 806 area.

“The Amarillo Venom is excited to bring yet another family friendly event to the Texas Panhandle. Wrestling entertainment in the Panhandle has a rich history including the Funk family. Now we have an opportunity to work together in bringing yet another pro sport to the Amarillo area,” said Venom owner Stephanie Tucker.

The Venom has partnered up with an area and long standing wrestling promoter Chris Lash. Lash recently purchased a local radio station in our area of Dumas and now a frequency in Amarillo.

“We’re very excited to partner with the Amarillo Venom. Our Big Country 95.3 station in Dumas, and now our 96.5 frequency in Amarillo makes for a perfect partnership. It is our hope to bring many new fans to Venom games for a fun family night of football.” said Chris Lash, owner of Big Country 95.3 and 96.5. “Also to have the Venom as our featured partnership sponsor for our new local pro wrestling television show on the News Channel 10 Too channel is icing on the cake.”

Big Country 95.3 and 96.5 in Amarillo will air all the Venom games this season. And Championship Wrestling presented by the Amarillo Venom will air Saturday nights at 11 pm on Newschannel 10 Too starting on Saturday, March 14th.